Attempt #1

One day my brow game will be strong like Angel's

One day my brow game will be strong like Angel’s

It’s December 15th, and I just ate a lot of pizza.  And by a lot of pizza, I mean not as much as yesterday (when I ordered the damn thing), but hopefully more than tomorrow (I’m aiming for a solid 0 slices tomorrow).  It’s Monday, and Mondays deserve pizza.  Sigh – at least next week is winter break!  Oh wait – JUST kidding…who doesn’t love a little dark post-grad humor? 

So this is it, welcome to adulthood.  Not to be confused with maturity/knowing what is going on/knowing how to function in society.  However, with this blog, I will figure it all out one post at a time.  Or at the very least, accurately document my attempts…

Attempt #1 – Completing Tasks 

Tonight’s to do list:

  • laundry
  • prep for office potluck
  • vacuum room
  • find clothes in closet to donate
  • make lunch for tomorrow
  • pack gym bag
  • unclog shower drain
  • take out the empty wine bottles  recycling

Completed items:

Things I’ve actually done since I go home from work:

  • Google “Kendall Jenner”
  • Google “Kylie Jenner”
  • Watch YouTube videos about hair extensions
  • Eat pizza
  • Look at dogs on Reddit
  • Brush teeth
  • Consider removing make up
  • Decide against it
  • Get into bed
  • Remove bra
  • Write this post

Total Score: -100 Martha Stuarts

Better luck tomorrow.

xx Greta


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