First Impressions

Brow game strong, smile game not existent.


It’s December 15, and this is my first post and probably 20th time trying to start a blog. Let’s see if this works this time around, for the sake of the memories!

Currently, I’m freshly bubble bathed and listening to Taylor Swift’s Fearless because 1. I have no shame, 2. I’m a sucker for reminiscing old music and 3. I love that bitch. I’m laying in bed trying to make myself fall asleep early because I thought 6:30 AM yoga was a great idea when planning out my amazingly productive week on Saturday.

UPDATE: I did not end up going to my 6:30 AM yoga class – slept through the damn alarm and sat on my ass at work for 15 hours. Go Angel.

The one thought keeping me going is knowing that this time next week I’ll be in my boyfriend’s big king sized bed in his cute “flat” in London. And then I only have three more full days of week + 1 day of packing and pampering this week.

Till future adventures beckon a resting place,

x Angel.


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