Hello January

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

Hello 2015 – so great to meet you!!!!

2014 was quite a year of change for me – I graduated, started my first job, moved in with bf and transitioned into the real world amongst other big changes in my life! I have a great feeling about this year though, not only because I feel more knowledgable and older, but because I just have a good feeling this will be a good year for me and I’m looking so forward to beginning it!

In the past, I’ve made many yearly resolutions but I find that they are quite hard to keep, especially as we move forward and the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. Instead, this year I’d like to set maybe 5 lofty year goals and then 5 monthly goals which I’ll revisit the first few days of each month. Here we go 2015! Don’t be a bitch to me!

2015 Goals:

  1. Read 50 books. In 2014, I got to 37 – very close but no cigar! I’d like to be able to read for leisure and really take some time for myself and get this goal completed!
  2. Get a puppy! Boyfriend and I have talked for hours on end about getting a little bulldog or pug, but hopefully this year will be the year that it happens.
  3. Work for myself. Though it is still early in my career, I’d like to be able to work really hard because I’m a boss bitch and I’d like to think that my management career will be developing alot this year.
  4. Travel and relax. Must remember to take time for myself and self-love.
  5. Do not be so hard on oneself. I have an extremely perfectionist nature

January Goals: 

  1. Sweat sweat baby – get in that workout routine. Restart Kayla’s guide + make sure to make time for yoga!
  2. Do not be as attached to the laptop – esp. after work. Take time away from the screen!
  3. Cook one new dish a week.
  4. See one friend a week – I have a really hard time reaching out of my comfort zone of going to work, working on mgmt, seeing the boyfriend and going to work out, sleep and repeat. I should reach out to other friends to catch up. Socialization is good for the soul.
  5. Explore at least 3 new locations whether it’s museums, parks, restaurants, etc!

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