Weekend Updates #1

Oy vey – is it just me or is this winter going on FOREVER?! Making me want to get the hell out of New York City and move out west. Maybe it’s because I’m itching for a change or maybe it’s because I’m jealous of all my LA friends’ Instagram pictures of Runyon, Venice Beach, Urth Cafe and all the #basic things that I love in life.

On the bright side – I have been self-loving more. Letting myself leave work + not bringing it with me. More IMPORTANTLY not letting it stress. One of my co-workers’ mantras stuck with me – “It’s only music.” Which is something that is SO HARD to really remember in the heat of the moment when your boss is in your face screaming. This year it’s about me – I’m going to be selfish and enjoy life as much as I can.

Things that make Angel super happy:

IMG_5315 1. Breakfast routines – I’m a creature of habit, esp. with my mornings. Wake up – lemon water + tea, some exercise (if it may be) and my loving eggs, avo + salmon. No matter where I am, if I don’t have my eggs in the morning, I’m not sane.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

2. Yoga – Been getting harder and harder to fit into my schedule but everytime I pick it back up, I don’t regret it. No matter what type – restorative, vinyasa, fucking hot yoga that makes me sweat balls, I LOVE it all.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset3. New Recipes – One of my resolutions that I hope to stick to! Delish pomegranate chicken that I adapted from How Sweet Eats.

IMG_5305 4. Family – duh.


5. Korean face masks – I have no fucking clue what’s in the serum nor do I really want to know. All I do know is they make my face feel soft as fuck.


6. New Hair – Love getting colored, love getting blowouts. If I had a million dollars, blowouts would definitely be on my long list of splurges. At the very top next to personal pilates trainer.

























7. Quality Girl Time – Working in a male dominated field + being a very private person/hermit, it’s nice to spend some time with my best lady friends, one of them being Greta + the other my co-worker Kristen.



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