Weekend Update: Snowstorm Edition

New York City was hit by a snowstorm on Saturday and I hear there’s rumors a blizzard will hit within the next 72 hours. Do we still get snow days as adults? You know, because of the safety and commuting and delay thing? With my company, probably not. We’d work through the Black Plague 2.0

While I’m dismissing the fact I’ll probably have to trudge through snow and probably fall to my butt tomorrow, I’ll just reminisce on what has happened. Last week, I joined Classpass, and honestly, TRULY it has solved all my workout dilemmas. I have such a hard time sticking to regimes because I get bored super easily. But not anymore! I now get to satisfy my need-to-schedule-everything freak-OCD nature and I have access to so many boutique studios in NYC and it’s UNLIMITED MONTHLY CLASSES FOR $99. Preach girl, preach. I can feel my baby abs coming through and I’m so happy. I know what you’re thinking – this girl is so shallow. But do I care? Not really, because these little things in life make me SO HAPPY. As well as these highlights below:

1. Pugs – The boyfriend with pug replacement until we can get a real one. Not sure how I feel yet since we managed to kill a low matainance palm tree the other week…

The bf with said pug.

2. Matcha ice cream – because DUH.


3. Puns – I really do like a mean pun. Thanks Sweetgreen for the jokes + amazing Rad Thai salad.


4. Home cooking – As per my resolutions, I have been keeping up with learning new recipes! Made a mean chicken milanese + cilantro and lime cod with bok choy this week. Gotta keep this up!


5. Routines – I’m pretty sure I’m on my 18th week straight of eating eggs, avo + salmon for breakfast. It’s something I just do not want to change and never get sick of. Bonus – look at how cute my new butter holder is? Again, the little things in life!!!


6. As much as I whine and bitch about NYC, it’s the biggest first world problem I have ever faced. Like c’mon now…look at that! DID I MENTION NO FILTER NECESSARY?



7. Just because.


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