To New Beginnings

This Thursday, I gave my first ever two-weeks notice at my job. Though it’s been a great experience, especially as a twenty-year-old getting offered a title involving the word “manager” instead of “assistant”, I was so excited. However, 8 months later and learning so much more on the job than I did in three years of college, I know I’m making the right decision.

I’m having so many bittersweet feelings, very similar to the feelings of leaving a relationship. Though I’ll miss the routine I’ve set for myself and at this company, I am also leaving much more negativity behind. Yesterday night, the artists I work with (and mind you, have been slaving away working for) opened for a much larger artist at MSG. I assumed I would be invited as I am still working my two weeks professionally but I found out from my co-worker that I was specifically banned and not allowed to come. On top of this, I found out my boss invited pretty much every other co-worker and their mother to this show, and there were tickets leftover and yet, he still refused to be childish and not invite me.

At first I was really upset, and then that feeling turned into merely annoyance and amusement. After all, I am ONLY twenty-one years old and have the world ahead of me. I have so much more to give and so many more accomplishments to be had that this moment pretty much validated why I was leaving in the first place.

I deserve better. I deserve a higher salary that reflects my work ethic. I deserve the respect that my male co-workers get, but because I’m a young female, I am treated like a brainless assistant. I know I will go farther than these people will ever expect me to go. And to me, that’s enough to carry me over while I am reaching new heights and accepting new opportunities. All I have left to say is karma is a real bitch and judging by how things are going, you guys are going to need as much luck as you can get. I’ll be watching from high above with the smug satisfaction that I was more than you ever deserved to have.

xo Angel


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