Hello February


I can’t believe it’s already February already – January seems like a shit storm of activity and went by way too fast. I quit my job, we unsuccessfully tried to adopt a fat beagle, and definitely accomplished some others.

January Goals (revisited)

  1. Sweat sweat baby – get in that workout routine. Restart Kayla’s guide + make sure to make time for yoga!

Though I didn’t actually restart Kayla’s, I did purchase ClassPass (for $99/a month, unlimited classes to different boutique studios around the city) and that solved all of my problems! I am no longer bored and am not obligated to one gym or studio. I could have probably done more yoga, but my millennial ADD doesn’t help that aspect.

2. Do not be as attached to the laptop – esp. after work. Take time away from the screen!

Something I am still guilty very guilty of and probably should work on harder. Perhaps with a new job and a much happier lifestyle this will be something I will actually observe?

3. Cook one new dish a week.

Yep!  Still doing this and it’s great – gotta love Pinterest. That’s the #basic Southern white girl inside of me screaming.

4. See one friend a week – I have a really hard time reaching out of my comfort zone of going to work, working on mgmt, seeing the boyfriend and going to work out, sleep and repeat. I should reach out to other friends to catch up. Socialization is good for the soul.

Again, something I need to work on. However, I did see a few close friends that I haven’t seen in a while and that made my heart happy.

5. Explore at least 3 new locations whether it’s museums, parks, restaurants, etc!

Need to revisit this! Need to explore more and do more for myself.

February Goals: 

  1. Blog more – but really, write more because purging makes me feel satisfied and I just need to get in the habit of writing more.
  2. Get a new job – because of obvious reasons. My inner deadline for myself was end of this month but the earlier the better because bills.
  3. Plan more spontaneous trips – going to Maine with G this month and planned an impromptu trip to Hawaii with boyfriend in March. Having these types of things are really exciting and provide something to look forward to. Need to plan something for April and May! Perhaps weekend road trips?
  4. Visit new places and explore Manhattan more! I.e. Still want to go to the Museum of Sex and touch the plastic boobies. The novelty never wears off, even at 21.
  5. Continue on with being healthy and shit – you know, going to the gym + waking up on time and eating right for the most part.

I have a good feeing that February will be even better to me and I’ll feel more comfortable in my skin, leaving my job that renders me exhausted and feeling useless and being more focused on my actual goals.


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