Matcha Friday

TGIF! This will be my last Friday at my current work, which feels super weird to think about. This time next week, I should also know where I’m off to (hopefully!!) and will be on a plane to Maine via Boston with Greta to indulge in a weekend of wine, candy, 50 Shades of Grey and skiing. This week lasted FOREVER to me but a few things kept me going  –


Fresh Off the Boat – The new show Fresh Off the Boat began this week and I LOVED IT. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a traditional Chinese family, but I thought all the commentary and ways that the characters portrayed a typical Chinese-American family were so on point. Favorite character? Definitely mom and Eddie, whom I slightly identify with. (To those not familiar, Eddie (top right) is the main character of the show and is a little slightly chubby middle schooler who is misunderstood and loves rap music.)


Scandal – I do not CARE how farfetched Scandal has become, I love Kerry Washington to death and want to be Olivia Pope. + have the largest old man crush on the President and would do him in a hot second.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.42.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.41.12 PM

Compare your Wages – So these two sites were created purely for fun, but it made me kind of happy-depressed. Fusion released this new quiz that compares your salary to other millenials and see where you stand in the wealth gap with your peers. What’s kind of really upsetting is it only takes a person to earn $129,000 to be a part of the millennial 1%. Obviously would love to earn that much but to have that be the average cap is not so fun, especially when compared with the baby boomers.

A second quiz that I took purely for shits and giggles was BBC’s “How long would it take you to earn a top footballer’s salary?”. It is as depressing as it sounds. At this moment of my life, it would take Ronaldo like 14 minutes to make my yearly salary. He could literally sit on the toilet and shit money.

On a much better note, I’m excited to start my new online class in entrepreneurship (yay to never stopping learning!) and hang out with my friends watching Grammy weekend. Currently binge watching Love It Or List It and Shark Tank. Perhaps I’ll go out and socialize tonight? Fingers crossed that my bae Sam Smith sweeps.

xo Angel


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