Weekend Update: Grammy’s Uncensored Version

This was a lovely friend filled and indulgent weekend – one that I needed in a long while! Highlights below:


1. It was my beautiful friend Rebecca’s birthday so I obviously had to celebrate over sushi + green tea iced cream. I’m not one that loves a night on the town, but I do love dinner dates and seeing my loved ones for dinner.


2. A life in the music industry doesn’t mean my weekends are off-limits. It means the opposite actually. I hung out with one of my artists Topaz Jones and listened to some of the new music that will soon be out soon and I’m so beyond excited to work on this project with someone I consider a dear friend and a truly talented person.


3. A and I eat at home most of the time, so when we have a weekend together and free time, we love going out for a nice meal. We were able to go out to the local brunch spot, Egg and have a relaxing and wonderful brunch. If anyone is ever in Williamsburg, be sure to check it out!

Unfortunately not homemade, but Pillsbury is pretty great. Pre-gaming the Grammys with some cookies and pizza (unpictured).

Unfortunately not homemade, but Pillsbury is pretty great. Pre-gaming the Grammys with some cookies and pizza (unpictured).

4. Because G and I work in the music industry and all, it just makes total sense for us to live blog and talk about all the fashion, performances, and wins at this year’s Grammys, with no filters attached. All comments will be posted in Standard Eastern Time.

Red Carpet:

6:05 PM EST: SAM SMITH ALREADY SLAYING ME. You are a sweet thing you are Sam and I hope you sweep them all.

6:15 PM EST: I really just do not care for Madonna. Yes yell at me for bitching about the “”pop queen”” but quite frankly I don’t think she’s talented + she just needs to stop.

6:21 PM EST: Nick Jonas, Iggy Azalea and Tinashe going on tour together? Sounds like a shit show, but a shit show I’d like to attend? PS Nick and Olivia = I ship it 100%

6:24 PM EST: Kat Graham please stop trying to sell Degree dry spray. If you’re going to cash out on a sponsorship, at least make it a little less obvious.

10:16 PM EST: Oops….Lost track of time and G plus friends came over. Pizza, cider and cookies happened. Sam Smith won two Grammys (!!!). Lady Gaga LOOKS fabulous and SLAYED it. Probably my favorite outfit of the night tbh. Also really digged Ye’s performance but that’s nothing out of the ordinary is it?

10:25 PM EST: “Four Five Seconds” live was SO great. Rihanna sounded so great and the trio’s all black ensemble looked flawless. BRB for the next hour while I wait for Sam Smith to take the stage. I need to take my place on the floor and silently weep to his performance.

11:03 PM EST: So Beyonce should have just won the Album of the Year over Beck and I wish someone gave Ye enough Henny so he could hop on stage and set the record straight. But seeing Beck’s scared face + Ye behaving was a good compromise. Also Sam is 3 for 4 so I’m happy.


11:15 PM EST: Too many Matthew McCaughey Lincoln commercials. I just want to see Bey and then go to bed to wake up in time for 7 AM spin. Please and thank you!


11:27 PM EST: Gwenyth you look awesome and I’m really happy you are introducing Bey. But who on earth picked out all these live performances? These are THE SLOWEST songs of all time. I wanted to dance! This is a beautiful performance though so I guess I spoke too soon…TIME FOR BED. NIGHT LOVE ❤


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