Back At It (Well, Sort Of)

You know how they always say you should relax and enjoy vacation while you can? Well I sure did…to the point where I was in a 72-hour induced sugar coma and indulged a little too much.

Maine included lots of snow (a foot and a half to be exact), a good dose of alcohol and some sexytime in the form of 50 Shades of Grey & interesting Netflix docs. Highlights:






Breakfast Homemade Latkes with Fresh Strawberries. Mmmm, if you’ve never tried latkes with sour cream, apple sauce AND drenched in maple syrup. You are missing out. I’m trying to convince G to post up her mom’s recipe cause it’s THAT good not to share.



Baby G having a good time in the snow at the park. Though G and I sunk in the foot-and-a-half even with snow shoes, this dog had the most amazing time. God I want a golden retriever so bad! However, that wouldn’t work out well in our under-600-sq-foot Brooklyn apartment. Future goals Angel…think future goals.


The inner child in me freaking out because of this machine – already got a minion at home and SO STOKED for the new movie this year. However…this was shortly before I stepped into the most un-G rated movie of all time.



In all honesty, I did not think 50 Shades of Grey was god-awful as many reviewers did. Perhaps it’s because I’m biased and very attracted to Jamie Doran that I just let the sexually-liberated Angel in of me enjoy herself. The scenes were beautifully styled and the actors did a great job interpreting the novel and making the best out of some cheesy awkward lines and turned it into something captivating and semi-romantic on screen.

My only complaint of the film was that there was a massive amount of Dakota Johnston’s nudity but only a split-second of Jamie Dornan’s little friend IF THAT. This is something that I haven’t only notice in just this one instance, but regularly in tv shows (ahem Game of Thrones) and moviesI don’t work in the music/television sphere of entertainment, but I do find it puzzling and a bit sexist that women are kind of expected to go full-frontal or show some part of their bodies. As for men, I’ve seen many nice buttocks  but never ever the whole she-bang. The only instance where this was not true that I can remember off the top of my head is Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Perhaps this will change in the future, esp. as we get closer to the two follow-up movies in this trilogy. For now, let’s just stare at Jamie’s face and pretend we’re not all waiting for the next movie…YOU’RE WELCOME XO





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