Weekend Update: House of Cards Edition

SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD – House of Cards. All weekend non-stop, pre-planned it like a marathon.

Friday: Listened to the theme song roughly four times and avoided the internet all day until A got home to dive in. Conquered 4 episodes, freaked out at Stamper ALL NIGHT because WHAT A PYSCHO/THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF HALF THAT TIME WITH THAT SYRINGE AND WHISKEY COMBO.

On a brighter note – made the most amazing roasted lamb, coconut rice + roasted sweet potatoes with our friends AND topped it off with Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream…which has REAL WINE AND AN ALCOHOL CONTENT IN IT!! Try the Port, it is SO divine and I’m pretty sure I liked wine ice cream more than wine alone. This stuff is potent too – after sharing about 1/4 of a pint, my body was so warm + over heated that I slept like a fucking rock at the bottom of the ocean.  If you want to give this a try, Williamsburg Creamery has it + you can find other locations on the website OR get it delivered straight to your door via site.


If interested, the lamb was marinated with a ton of spices including turmeric and cumin and roasted between 320-425 degrees for roughly 40 minutes to an hour. We kind of winged it. The sweet potatoes were sliced + smothered in coconut oil, s+p, cinnamon, ground ginger, a dash of allspice and roasted for an hour alongside the lamb. Coconut rice was two cans of unsweetened coconut milk + 2 cups of jasmine white rice into an automatic rice cooker. So delicious and 10/10 would make again.

Today, we’re rationing out another four episodes so we’re not binge-watching and hate ourselves for being fat boobs on the couch all day. Perhaps some more wine ice cream pre-gaming will come out before we try to be social night with some close friends.

Tomorrow will be finishing up the entire season + perhaps squeeze in an extra showing of 50 Shades of Grey (I can’t resist you Jamie, I just can’t)? And in celebration of what is HOPEFULLY warm weather to come, an outdoor run on the bridge?

Us mortals can only hope Mother Nature will lift thy curse upon New York and let the sunshine in! Bring on the pollen!!!


Enjoy the weekend! x



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