Hello March

hello march

Good Morning March! I can’t believe how fast January and February flew by, and how much I’ve changed in just a mere two months. Of course we had to welcome this month in with a full-fledged snowstorm, why would New York be any other way?

Last month recap: quit my job, survived a blizzard with G, had several internal panic attacks after realizing that along with the job’s stress, the paycheck went with it (goodbye rent, it was nice knowing you), and now finally culminating to a point where I am happy, more well-rested than I have been in a while, and excited for the new opportunities that will come my way this month.

February Goals Revisited:

  1. Blog more – but really, write more because purging makes me feel satisfied and I just need to get in the habit of writing more.

This did happen…kind of! Getting into a groove and writing does feel great and it’s slowly becoming more of a natural process. Yay writing!

2. Get a new job – because of obvious reasons. My inner deadline for myself was end of this month but the earlier the better because bills.

Half accomplished this – left my job and have a couple interviews coming up. Just a matter of landing said jobs and then figuring out where I want to carve my path. I’m leaning towards pursuing my true love of being girly, putting five different types of cream on my face + just writing because I love words.

3. Plan more spontaneous trips – going to Maine with G this month and planned an impromptu trip to Hawaii with boyfriend in March. Having these types of things are really exciting and provide something to look forward to. Need to plan something for April and May! Perhaps weekend road trips?

Maine was definitely a breath of fresh air…literally. I missed stepping outside a large city. After living in a non-stop go-go-go environment for so long, I sometimes forget there is an other world out there, where people aren’t fighting for jobs and talking about titles but actually enjoying life. Ultimately with spring coming up, I’m sure the general mood will naturally become happier and NYC will be a more tolerable place. Such a #firstworld statement I know, I know. Shut up Angel, you live in New York City and have a great life,  just shut up.

March is going to be exciting because Hawaii with boyfriend!!! I’ll be more excited once I pay him back the remainder of what I still owe him for the tickets…one step at a time Angel, one step at a time. I also am excited to plan more spontaneous weekend trips, which are the perfect amount of time to get away and come back feeling refreshed. Perhaps a road trip to upstate or a nice weekend away in the south might do us some good.

4. Visit new places and explore Manhattan more! I.e. Still want to go to the Museum of Sex and touch the plastic boobies. The novelty never wears off, even at 21.

I’m terrible. Still haven’t explored more AND most importantly, still haven’t been to the Museum of Sex for the new Funhouse exhibit yet!!! Must do in March/April!!!!

5. Continue on with being healthy and shit – you know, going to the gym + waking up on time and eating right for the most part.

This has been the easiest goal of the month ironically, because of all the free time I have and can dedicate to making Instagram-worthy meals and going to daily PureBarre and just moving all the time. Hopefully post-new job, I can continue this!

March Goals:

  1. GET THAT JOB. So self explanatory and yet, so needed. I have a good feeling that this month will treat me well. Positive vibes all around.
  2. Take time to relax on the weekend away from my computer screen. Go out on adventures.
  3. Read five books.
  4. Blog every day (ok or every other day if we’re being honest, but hey, at least I’m being honest!)
  5. Start planning summer trip + weekend rendezvous for April! Perhaps a weekend in upstate to go hiking and prance around a small cute town pretending I have a farm, a cow named Hattie and a British butler named Andrew who helps me pick daises all day.


A girl can dream right?

xo Angel


2 thoughts on “Hello March

  1. Madie_H says:

    March has come around so quickly, it’s insane! Well done on getting your goals – I’m half way through my ‘new year’s resolutions’ already because I kept them vague and tangible. Personally I just can’t wait for it to actually be light outside when it’s 5pm. Finally!


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