Coincidences and Little Miracles

Though I’m not a religious person and was not brought up attending church or temple or any other establishment, I do believe in a higher being and I do believe that our lives take interesting paths that seem like a bunch of coincidences.

This morning, I met with someone that I met when I was an intern last year to catch up and talk about my future goals (the real reason is I’m freaking out about not having a job every other day so might as well do something with my time an be pro-active yeah?). I ended up sitting there for a good hour to just talk and he ends up throwing me the best Hail Mary I could ask for. More specifically, he calls up the head of ONE COMPANY that I have dreamed of working at/have been cold-emailing every other day and have wanted to work at since I was a teenager who also obsessed over Fueled By Ramen and dreamed of being a merch girl for Boys Like Girls. I clearly had the most logical life goals at age fourteen. Basically he ends up cold pitching me on the spot and getting me in contact with his assistant which hopefully might turn into something worthwhile. Cue Angel peeing herself internally and quite almost literally.

LESSON TO LEARN: Keep all your connections close to you and NEVER EVER burn any bridges if you can help it, especially if you are work in the entertainment industry like I do. It is one hell of a small world out there and all your loose ends will come back together so make sure you’re on your best behavior. And just be nice to everyone! It has never hurt anyone to be the really nice person.

Switching gears, later tonight I ended up at a Sofar Sounds unplugged event for my artist Topaz Jones and it was a great time (video to follow soon!). Towards the end of this event, I get a message from my friend who lives in the  building next door:
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.39.40 AM


Screencap from Hannah's Homemade Video

OK GAS LINE, FEEL FREE TO BLOW UP ON THE TWO COLDEST DAYS THIS WEEK IN SUPERNOVA HURRICANE BLIZZARD FREAK STORM THOR OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS. Luckily no one was hurt to my knowledge and the only boo boo is that my friend’s apartment doesn’t have heat or electricity for the night. Very strange how I was JUST home an hour before this happened and by the time I was home, the mess was cleaned up and everything was normal again… Timing is weird sometimes. If I had stayed home, eating curry by myself and watching Dexter till I cried, I would have heard the noise and probably thought I was going to get killed or something. But instead, this was the one night that I went out this week and it coincided perfectly with this incident. Life is weird, but I suppose everything happens for a reason right? I’m going to stop speaking now and put myself to bed before I overanalyze my entire life.

Sleep Well,

xo Angel


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