TGIF – Little Things

Happy Friday! I’m so very excited for the weekend – after last night’s dramatics, I couldn’t wait to spend a weekend home with my family and celebrate my little brother’s belated fourteenth birthday. I’m also very stoked that the weather is supposed to move up to the 40s and maybe even 50s next week? This calls for a run outside at my hometown park – what a luxury!

Little Things that Made Me Smile This Week –

  • Carly Rae Jepsen’s new single “I Really Like You“. It’s SO CATCHY and so easy to memorize and sing along to (though I won’t lie, the bridge is a tad bit awkward, but the chorus is just TOO good so I can bypass that little issue) . Haters gon’ hate but I know you’re all singing it in the comforts of your private homes.
  • Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer ($32) in Ivory 6 – G is the more beauty-saavy one than I am, so every time she recommends something to try, I will gladly take the advice. I’ve been struggling with dark  pigmentation on my cheeks from my teenage hormonal acne. According to my facialist, it should go away in the next few months if I keep up on my skincare and take care of my face well – update to come. If this turns out to be true, I will kiss her on the mouth and bow down and selfie even more than I already do now. In the meantime, I picked up this new concealer since I was running low on my old Bobbi Brown one that I’ve had forever.

Before (freshly showered + no make up):


Wow is this a holy grail product or what?! I just blended it onto my cheeks with a concealer brush and smoothed it out with my fingers and then layered bronzer/blush and highlighter over and finished my routine with a shit-ton of mascara, a touch of brow pencil (another holy grail project I brought home from London, will come up later I’m sure)  and liquid eyeliner.

After One Filter on Instagram (because hey, who doesn’t use filters these days?):

Happy Weekend,

xx Angel


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