Spontaneous Tidbits

In celebration of yesterday’s glorious weather, Greta and I went on an impromptu walk through Washington Square Park, our old stomping grounds when we went to NYU. One of my favorite things to do in the summertime is just walk everywhere – there’s always something interesting to look at, delicious smells coming out of some food cart (except halal, just not my thing!) and beautiful people walking their gorgeous dogs.

In typical New York fashion, there was a television shoot in progress and we decided to get a little silly and use the unnatural lights to take some cute pictures. And get laughed at by some NYU students but whatever, we got no shame!

Now onto some qualityScandal + mochi snacking time before I crawl into bed for the night.

Side-note: Please read this amazing article from the Business Insider about how Millennials should not be blamed and labeled as the entitled ones (which is the public viewpoint of much of the population); rather, it is the baby-boomers, the generation before us who have set us up for a much harder life from the get-go.

xo, Angel


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