Finally Here: Kahului

Two flights equating to more than 11 hours in transit along with over $50 worth of overpriced airport water bottles and shitty snacks consumed – A and I are finally in Hawaii!

It’s currently 10 PM Maui time aka 4 AM NYC time and I’m a walking zombie. I’ll blame it on:

a. sickness

b. lack of sleep

c. airplane food

d. all of the above.

I’m not sure if it was the back-to-back Gone Girl, The Imitation Game, and Dallas Buyers Club movies (If you have to choose one, please watch DBC – Jared Leto kills it and made me openly weep) or the starbursts, but I am twitching while overanalyzing my romantic past, for fear of sexually transmitted diseases and/or insanity. I kid, I kid. But truly, I think it’s time for bed before I start combining the three movies and creating conspiracy theories in my head.

I have never been more happy to touchdown, especially while still freshly recovering from a bout of food poisoning less than 24 hours ago (or at least that’s what I self-diagnosed myself to having). I am so happy to have a week to spend with the bae (is this term still cool?) and to just lay around the pool and OD on shaved ice and take way too many Instagram pictures as per usual. More coherent thoughts will follow tomorrow.

Goodnight loves,

xo Angel


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