Vacation Visuals [03.17.15]

Today, we woke up at the leisurely hour of half past seven to prepare for a day of boating, whale-watching and wake-boarding. The weather was absolutely perfect and we spent four hours on the water. We were also quite fortunate that it’s currently whale season and we spotted SO many whales breaching, momma whales with their calves and big bad male whales competing with one another. I couldn’t really quite capture the beauty of it, but I’m kind of glad that I wasn’t able to –  it forced me to not be glued to my iPhone and made me really appreciate the moment and just relax and look at the world.

We also were able to spot a few turtles just floating about peacefully floating. Turtles are adorable, maybe it’s because they look wide with their shells and I have an affinity for the wide, large, cinnamon roll/loaf of bread-like animals.  Whenever I imagine turtles speaking, I imagine they are mad chill and speak like surfer bros. “What’s up brahhhs?”

Eats today were super on-theme – Hawaiian mixed plate + banana smoothie for lunch, and ono, a Hawaiian local fish for dinner with coconut rice + all the fixings.

Coconut rice is super easy to make – Combine 1 c. coconut cream, 2 c. jasmine rice, a sprinkle of salt + 2 spoonfuls of sugar in a saucepan. Bring to boil, cover and cook about 20-30 minutes and let sit. Then fluff with fork, give yourself a coconut steam facial (just kidding) and stuff your face.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a day of rest + taking it easy – I was too cocky and didn’t think I’d get burned….of course I did because I was stupid and only put on one layer of SPF 30 spray in a five hour span. Ladies – please put on sunscreen or else your upper boobs will feel like they’re on fire. And it’s not the sexy kind of fire. At least this time.

xo Angel


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