Vacation Visuals [03.19.15]

Happy Hump Day! It’s sad to think we’re closer to the end of this vacation, but all good things must come to an end. We started the day in usual fashion, with eggs, buttered toast + bacon followed by a morning walk along the beach. This time, we ran into a man who was playing frisbee with his adorable nine-year-old golden retriever, who was more like a seal than land animal. He was an Ohio native who took a vacation to Honolulu in the sixties and never went home, besides the occasional trip to California and various Hawaiian islands. I don’t know why, but this struck a major chord in me and put a smile on my face. It’s nice to know that even in this crazy world, where we are pushed to make money and a name for ourselves, there is an escape and people take it, for one reason or another. Sometimes I want to move to an island + just blog and eat fruit all day. But now is not my time yet…

Lunch was at Coconut’s Fish Cafe, which apparently has the best fish tacos in the world. However, I was still craving tuna and for the first time in my life, I skipped fish tacos and decided to get another poke bowl. V satisfied, v satisfied indeed.

Side note: If you know me, you know that I NEVER EVER pass up fish tacos. Like, EVER. A big anomaly indeed. If you want to make me happy, order me a fish taco + veggie taco and load it with verde hot sauce. Mmmmm perhaps a trip to Tacombi in Nolita is in order when I get home….

Another cute little quality of Maui and perhaps all of Hawaii is the overabundance of Birkenstock stores. I’ve been meaning to get a pair of black Birks, but they’ve been sold out for like a year in NYC because ~fashion so I was uber ecstatic to get a pair here!

The late afternoon consisted of face masks and dessert. I mean, C’MON what else do I need??? Time will tell whether I like this boscia green tea hydrogel mask – immediate reaction was super light and fresh sensation on my poor sunburnt skin.

Post face mask was a trip to the local shaved ice spot, a popular dessert option for both tourists and locals. There are so many shaved ice spots around and even ice trucks all over town. It’s not too hard to satisfy that sweet tooth around here – A and I shared a shark’s blood (coconut/strawberry) and guava shaved ice over vanilla ice cream. 10/10 would def eat again aka tomorrow.

When we got back, we watched the gorgeous sunset again and made dinner. Because we grilled so much this week, we had leftover chicken and steak along with some more coconut rice + some sautéed bok choy with mushrooms.

Stuffed full after dinner + asian pears for dessert, it’s time to end the night with some Archer before we head out for our last full day of bliss here in Maui.

xo Angel


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