My Love/Hate Relationship With Running

Let’s get this straight, I’m a runner. I ran track back in middle school and I still always pick the treadmill over the elliptical when forced indoors. However, that doesn’t mean I fully enjoy running. My former high school algebra teacher said to me once that running is not a sport, but a punishment. Running is the consequence in all other sports. You miss a goal? Run a lap. Can’t throw straight? Run a lap.

I truly do feel that it is a punishment at times to the point where I will spend hours procrastinating a run. If I wake up and diligently put on gym clothes first thing, I will wait until like 1 PM to go for a run….or 2 PM if i’m watching a riveting tv show. And when I say riveting it probably means either E! News or Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

When I do eventually get out there, the first five minutes feel like hell, especially since I’ve been dormant and only doing barre and yoga all winter. But running is all about endurance and I’d like to think if a zombie takeover occurred, I’d be able to run away and stay alive.

Two years ago I ran a 10K with my friend and each mile clocked in under 8 min/mile. After picking up running again last week after being a pug on a couch all winter, I can barely run two miles without crying. But I’m a determined person and I’d like to think that with practice, I’ll be able to run not only a 10K, but half a marathon.

Since the beginning of March, I’ve been slowly building up milage and speed.

Today’s run:

I do truly love the feeling I get after I finish a run and I love working out outside. Perks – It’s free and I’m in dire need of some sun after this god awful winter. I believe in endorphins and I love feeling sweat drip off my body and I do love a challenge because I hate being “bad” at something. I’m hoping by the end of April, I’ll be running 5Ks easily under 9 min/mile. Maybe by the end of summer, I’ll be running half marathons? #goals

xo Angel


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