Glorious Stovetop Updates

When I’m happy, I like to clean and organize. When I’m ecstatic, I like to prepare feasts. This week, I was out of this world happy because….I got a job offer!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been employed, but really it’s only been a month and a half, which is nothing compared to some of the stories I hear. Keep your head up kiddos you will find something soon! More importantly, rejection is not personal.

The process of getting a job is very similar to applying to college. You have your resume, cover letter and sometimes a short prompt or questions that a company likes you to answer. If you pass the first round, you receive a phone call or in person interview with the HR assistant or person on the lowest rung. Sometimes you just might not vibe with the person interviewing you. Sometimes it might be you, and you thought this company was a haven when in reality, it is not what you want to do. And sometimes, it fit perfectly and you move onto round three. Round three is sometimes when an assignment comes along. It’s a way for employers to figure out if you were lying about your skill sets on your resume so I highly recommend you tell the truth from the get-go or it can get awkward real fast. And then obviously, round three either leads into employment or a rejection letter, which AGAIN IS NOT PERSONAL AT ALL.

This week because of my happiness at my employment updates and knowing I won’t have as much free time to Iron Chef added with Brooklyn finally warming up, I cooked up a storm yesterday.

Lunch: Stir-Fry Korean Beef + Peppers

I didn’t really follow a recipe – First, I marinated beef in a pre-made Korean BBQ marinade overnight. Then I diced some garlic and 2 red bell peppers and heated up my cast iron with some coconut oil. I really like the taste of meat when it’s seared on a cast iron – it adds some “grittiness”.

I threw in some garlic once the pan was hot for a minute or so and then I added in the bell peppers.

I let the bell peppers cook over medium-high heat for about five minutes and added some s&p. I personally don’t like dirtying up dishes so I just moved the bell peppers over to a corner and added the marinated beef in.

I slowly cooked the beef until no longer pink – stir-fry strips don’t really take that long. I’d estimate about 5 minutes. Afterwards, I mixed it all together and voila!

Serve over steamed white rice.

Dinner: Sausages + Braised Red Cabbage with Bacon

After a lunch full of carbs, I needed something lighter for dinner. I had 3/4 of a head of purple cabbage left in the fridge from last week’s haul + was desperate to get rid of it so upon googling “purple cabbage recipes” I stumbled upon a recipe on that I really wanted to try out. The only difference was that original recipe called for brown sugar which I cut out and didn’t miss at all. I bought cooked Andouille sausages and heated them up + served a hearty, not necessarily light, but overall quite a delicious meal.


I really was in the mood to bake and looked in my neighborhood store for madeline pans but they were nowhere to be found! Perhaps next week will be my time for conjuring up sweets.

xo Angel


2 thoughts on “Glorious Stovetop Updates

  1. Madie_H says:

    Congratulations on your job offer!

    It’s such a sweet feeling – are you happy to reveal what the job is?

    Plus, your food looks DELICIOUS and you’ve just made me quite hungry! I might try the recipe some day soon.


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