Hello April


How the hell is it already April?! It feels like I went to bed in January and woke up in April. But hey, I’m not complaining. After a long and arduous winter, I’m ready for some flowers, showers, and maybe allergies won’t feel as horrible this year. I’m so excited for the new beginnings coming my way. Let’s revisit some of my goals from last month.

March Goals Revisited:

  1. GET THAT JOB. So self explanatory and yet, so needed. I have a good feeling that this month will treat me well. Positive vibes all around.

So I didn’t get THAT job but I did get A job that feels like it will fit so much better!!! I’m so excited to move on and expand my boundaries from just working in music to fashion as well. Very excited to start next week and see where my journey takes me.

2.Take time to relax on the weekend away from my computer screen. Go out on adventures.

Definitely have been spending more time away from my computer….though I think that might have transferred over to my television set. After watching The Jinx, starting Broad City with the intention of starting The Fall (because I still have a big fat crush on Jamie Dornan) soon afterwards and we’re NOT counting the shows I already watch, I have a big problem with TV. But whatever, at least it’s getting warmer and I am starting a new job soon which means I will do more DVRing, being more social and getting more drinks.

3.Read five books.

Biggest accomplishment! I’ve read the following:

-Robert Galbraith – The Silkworm

-Robert Galbraith – Cuckoo’s Calling

-Brett Easton Ellis – The Rules of Attraction

-Roxane Gay – Bad Feminist

-Lisa Genova – Still Alice

-Michel Houellebecq – Platform

-Rolf Dobelli – The Art of Thinking Clearly

4. Blog every day (ok or every other day if we’re being honest, but hey, at least I’m being honest!)

Almost accomplished? I’ve blogged a whole lot more in March than I have previously and hoping to keep it up. I love having a place online where I can just let out my feelings and thoughts. It feels like a natural catharsis, even though it’s quite digital and not private in the slightest. I guess that’s how I as a millennial feel comfortable…

5. Start planning summer trip + weekend rendezvous for April! Perhaps a weekend in upstate to go hiking and prance around a small cute town pretending I have a farm, a cow named Hattie and a British butler named Andrew who helps me pick daises all day.

Haven’t started planning yet due to my bearings being all over the place, accepting a new job. But I have started looking into flights and need to plan something soon for this month or May. This month there’s a lot happening just here in NYC so I don’t mind staying in one place and just falling in love with Brooklyn again.

April Goals:

  1. Run a 10K! In a previous post, I’ve mentioned how I’ve wanted to run a 5K by the end of the month…After running about 2.5 miles for the past two days, I want to up the ante and try to double that and run at least one 10k by the end of the month! I miss being able to run for what seemed like miles and miles without feeling like I would collapse and die.
  2. Be one with nature. Go to the farmer’s market, Smorgasbourg and just do more wandering and spend more time outside. As much as I complain about New York in the wintertime, it is beyond glorious in the summertime and I’m so excited for BBQ season to hit!
  3. Throw a very delayed housewarming BBQ. When A and I moved in together, I was adamant about keeping a clean home that didn’t involve throwing weekend parties like he did in his apartment every weekend. My home is my haven and I like to keep it that way. However, now that it’s almost been a year, I’m ready to have some friends over and have a good time on our roof to BBQ.
  4. Decorate the apartment more with unique goodies. Last month, we bought a floor length mirror and it’s made our bedroom look drastically bigger. I’d like to buy some art and little trinkets to make this apartment feel more like a home and less like an unpersonalized hotel.
  5. YOGA!!! I know this has been like a goal for the past 2/3 months, but really I should be ashamed of not doing enough yoga. I get tension in my upper back and shoulders and really need to start sticking to a regime and go at least 2-3 times a week, especially if I’m picking up running again. Perhaps today will be day 1 of yoga!

xo Angel.


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