Smell of Rain

It’s finally warming up for good in New York and staying this way…but actually for real. Along with sunshine and warmth comes April showers and allergies. I’m no fan of rain, but I find when it drizzles, it’s intimate and gives me nostalgia. It reminds me of the time I was stuck in China with my mom and aunt, wearing only flip flops having to jump through puddles to get to the car. It reminds me of mornings in high school, when there would be a slight dew on my lawn and the smell was so good in an unexplainable way.

Yesterday’s rain didn’t harken back to a specific memory, but rather, just smelt like new beginnings. It was a sign that winter was finally retreating and coats can be put away for good. It told me that I’d be starting a new chapter in my life very soon. And it reminded me to enjoy the small moments in life and always laugh, be happy and be with friends and family.

First papaya of the season – did not disappoint.

Making little fury friends – his name is Cow and he is a sassy biatch.

New favorite midnight snack along + binge-watching The Fall, which is so creepy it’s made me question my attraction to Jamie Dornan. Except I’d still probably still say yes, even with him as Paul Spector. I’m a sick sick (lovesick) woman.

My favorite bubble bar from Lush – lavender is my second favorite scent of all time next to BF’s Old Spice.

Watching coffee + milk mix is always gloriously beautiful to me.

My favorite Diptyque candles. Ignore my dirty looking bathtub – it’s really not THAT gross.

My little moments this week may not have made significant advancements in my career or been regarded as personal life accomplishments. However, all of the little moments combined have kept me moving and looking forward of what’s to come. The little things do add up.

Happy Passover/Easter/Wonderful Weekend Friends,



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