Time to Unwind

Besides working, sleeping, complaining about work, and eating – I did two important things in the past seven days.  First, I celebrated my company’s 25th anniversary with my current and former coworkers – which was a very fun excuse to get shwasty pants in the office.  Secondly, I got to home home to Maine and do my best to unwind.

If there’s one good things about my job – it’s the people I’ve met.  I have formed what I’m certain will be some lifelong friendships throughout the three years I’ve interned/worked at my current company, and in many ways it makes up for the not-so-uplifting parts of the job.  Having a few hours to step away from our computers and come together over some awesome (read: free) food and drinks was such a treat.

We dined on Trinidadian and soul food prepared by one of our building’s maintenance men who has a catering business on the side.  It was delicious.

We made dumb faces for the camera.  It probably took 15 tries to get a non blurry picture of everyone.  It’s great working in an industry where a large percentage of the workforce is so young.  We may be taken advantage of by our bosses on a day to day bases, but it’s allowed us to rally together and form incredibly strong bonds.  Wouldn’t be able to get out of bed most days if it wasn’t for the fact I get to see some of my best friends at work.

We continued to get drunk and pose in front of the printers.  A big pile of love.


The day after the party, I went to work on not-so-much sleep and with a pretty solid wine-headache – but in a very good mood.  After work I boarded the bus for the 7 hour journey that it takes to come home to Maine.  That part isn’t so exciting and mostly involves a lot of car-sickness and attempting to sleep upright – but being home is so worth it.  I’m able to unwind and truly be who I am on the inside – which is quite accurately depicted in this picture below.

I still feel like this little girl on the inside…I just somehow have been trusted to support myself and a career in one of the biggest cities in the world.  At heart though, I’m just a shy small town chick who loves animals and being outside.


Now, I just happen to be a little taller: 



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