Weekend Updates [Easter Version]

I grew up in a pretty agnostic household so the holidays were always geared towards spending time with loved ones rather than practicing our religion. I grew up with a sense that there is a higher being, but never got in too deep into any one true belief. My exposure to religion has been quite basic thus far – it entails going to church once every few years, witnessing my high school friends’ confirmations, going to bar and bat mitzvahs and the occasional Buddhist temple when visiting China.

Today, I’m still quite intrigued by religion (see: the new Scientology documentary, Going Clear on HBO) but I believe more in science and the spirits more than anything else. This Easter, I spent it with my friends in New Jersey over great cider, BBQ, Cards of Humanity and belly-aching laughs and ended it in New York City with family eating at Maialino in Gramercy Park, which was as close to a religious experience as I can get.

Blondie, the cutest Westie-lab mix that ever lived.

Homemade slow roasted ribs. MMMMMMMMM

Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts made by yours truly, with an extra spicy kick.

Dinner is served.

Snuggling with a joyful pup on a gloriously beautiful Sunday.

The most incredible fish I have had since Greece with the most buttery mushrooms ever. This literally melted in my mouth. I wish I could eat it again right now.

Boyfriend’s pork aka a hunk of meat with rosemary potatoes – also very great if you’re feeling like a British lumberjack coming from a long day of work in the woods.

Cute touch on our chocolate pudding. Maialino apparently means pig in Italian, shows how much I learned in 6 years of Itailan.

After gorging all weekend, I am quite ready for my first day of work. And if I feel extra disciplined and not super weighed down from the weekend’s feasts, maybe an early run is in order.

xo, Angel


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