Broad City Marathons

Two days into my new job and though I am tired, I’m loving it. I truly am. What’s crazy is I thought I would be freaking out because this is not the trajectory I created for myself in my “five-year plan”. Being a Type-A virgo, I always need control and to know what’s going on at all times and the ability to plan a month in advance helps me sleep at night.

Now, I am in a different industry than expected and can only really plan three weeks at most in advance because of scheduling purposes. I don’t get full weekends off anymore except for once a month which I find to be quite a pleasant change. I like that I get one weekday off to have me-time and one day off on the weekend to spend with A and friends. It helps me not live for the weekend, which I used to do and then I’d get major Monday depression once the week rolled around again. This new arrangement keeps me on my toes and forces me to live in the moment and actually live.

Today was my day off and I spent it watching Broad City and The Fall, picking up some goodies from Duane Reade (will write a review later!), restorative yoga and going on a culinary adventure with some rainbow trout. And you know what? I’m super excited for work tomorrow. I’ve never had this feeling before in my life and it feels super refreshing.

I no longer feel obligated to stick to a schedule of working out six days a week and feeling extreme guilt if I wake up late. I work out when I want to – whether it’s once a week or five times a week. I’m trusting my intuition and oddly enough, I feel more in control than I ever have been.

I’m very happy and hope you all are too.

xo Angel


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