One Hour Lunch Breaks 

I was born on August 28th so I’m definitely a virgo. My personality? Type-A, lists everywhere, racing to get all the things I can think of, done. If I finish that list, I make another. I have lists for groceries, household chores, furniture and more. I probably have one on how much inventory is at work somewhere.

Because of my innate feelings of always having to get shit done, I am kind of in a rush 8/10 times. My worst offense is taking shorter lunches simply because I can finish eating in about 10 minutes.

Yesterday, I took a 35-40 minute lunch, and one of my colleagues told me that I needed to take the hour. Needed is the actual word he used. I was shocked. In my past experiences working and interning, I was never told to take an hour lunch. Rather, most of the time it was, get your food, sit at computer monitor, ferociously stuff your face while trying to work. And it was so unnecessary and caused so much stress. Those memories are probably why I finish lunch faster than a pubescent teenage boy.

Since habits take time to form, it will take me a few days or even weeks to start slowing down properly and enjoying lunch. This week, I have taken part of the extra 40 minutes allotted to me to take leisurely walks in New York (when I say leisurely, I mean a good NY pace!), drink chai lattes, peruse the entire beauty sections of Duane Reade and yet, I’d still have time left over.

(Pictured: My favorite iced latte and cortado of all time is from Gasoline Alley Coffee on Lafayette)

My goal for today is to use the entire hour I was given, because I know there are many young professionals who are not allowed this luxury. I will eat my lunch slower, go on a walk in this gorgeous sunshine and maybe even do some shopping for my friend’s birthday. And just live a little because I can.

Happy Saturday!

xo Angel


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