Weekend Updates [04.12.15]

This weekend was a weekend of firsts. First time working a full shift on a Saturday. First time in a LONG time going out both Saturday and Sunday. And first time not caring that I didn’t have a day to lie in and watch Netflix all day.

When I worked a typical weekdays week, I’d always be super tired on Friday and have to stay in. Saturday I liked to have a drink or two with friends and Sunday was full on Netflix-binge territory. Though this was a super comfortable schedule, I like my new one better. Plus this weekend, I got to work, hang out with some ladies, my boyfriend and my family!

I started my weekend with a full day Friday, but it was a good workday because my co-worker J brought in really cute artisan matcha brownies. They were an acquired taste at first, but after a bite or two, I fell for them (as I do for all things “matcha”). I loved how light they were, almost like madeleines rather than heavy, chocolately brownies. Props for the matcha addition and extra props for how cute they look.

(Captured by R)

After work, I went for drinks with our favorite couple/best friends R + M to The Camlin. Super cute East Williamsburg wine bar. It’s a little pricy but extremely romantic and $1 oysters after 11 PM if you are craving salty and briny flavors.

(Captured by R. Bless bromances, they’re so cute.)

I used to never “go out” on school nights but after sipping on some gin on Friday night, I was still able to be tucked into bed by midnight + woke up in time for breakfast quinoa (recipe to come) and express yoga in the morning! My life literally sounds like it came from a Pinterest board and I am in shock. Nothing is better than early morning yoga. Let me rephrase – nothing is better than feeling your muscles loosen up after a morning yoga class. The process getting there and through a class is still quite painful but easier to commit to nowadays with a job that requires lots of standing (attn: stressed out calf muscles that scream for a stretch).

After work festivities = more gin + my babe N’s birthday! Nowadays, from working full time and just kind of being a “small clique only” person, I only have a handful of girlfriends. So whenever I get a chance to go on a girls’ night out, I try to take it. As much as I love hanging out with A, there’s nothing like drinks and gossip with some girls. I had a wonderful time catching up with two of my closest friends from NYU over Italian bread + lobster pasta.

Side note: I have never been able to resist lobster pasta on a menu since having it two years ago while studying abroad in London. It was my most magical day, quite literally so. I spent the day at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Exhibition with A and ended the day at an Italian restaurant in Kensington where I had the most divine, life-changing lobster pasta of all time. Though last night’s lobster pasta was good, it could not stand up to my memories of the British lobster pasta, which now reigns supreme on the same level as that Parisian almond croissant I had two years ago…a story for another time.

Today was my first time having brunch in a while and I was super lucky enough to have it with my entire family! We went to Station, a local brunch place that we’ve wanted to try for a while, simply because of its rave reviews and it has always been packed when we’ve walked by.

It was lovely but nothing too different from an average brunch spot. I will say that the fries were extra crispy and amazing and the vegan pancakes were fluffy and billowy. But would I come here again? Probably not with Egg around the corner…

After brunch, I spent a day with A + the siblings and we took them to see the Lord of the Rings at Lincoln Center. This was a special occasion because we watched The Return of the King with a live orchestra that played the entire score. It was insanely beautiful and I did tear up at times, but it was more than amazing having spent it with my sister and brother, whom I used to go on LOTR binges with when we were little.

We ended the weekend with a bang – stuffed ourselves silly with Thai food and ended it with some Oddfellows ice cream cones and the Game of Thrones premiere. In typical Angel fashion, I also decided to slow roast some beef for dinner tomorrow night – it smells absolutely divine and a great smell to fall asleep to tonight. (Don’t worry, A will be turning off the oven since I have grandma sleeping patterns and I do not want to burn down our apartment by keeping the oven on all night).

If working a weekend means leading up to the best weekend in a long while, I wouldn’t mind working every weekend.




One thought on “Weekend Updates [04.12.15]

  1. Madie_H says:

    Your weekend sounds amazing! How you packed all of that into a few days is beyond me, but it seems to have really made you smile and that’s nice to see from a reader’s perspective. The LOTR orchestra must’ve been magical, and I can safely say all of that lovely food has made me hungry.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’d definitely read more of these posts every Monday to inspire me to make the most out of the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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