Midweek Pick Me Up

What I love about New York is the endless amounts of restaurants to eat at, happy hours to attend, movies to see and places to be. I used to save these outings for the weekend because I was too grumpy, tired and annoyed to do anything after work. Now that I’m happier and in a great place, I go out more during the week and mentally I’m 1000%.

We’re not talking going out and getting smashed until 2 AM, but more like going out for margaritas and tacos at Hecho en Dumbo and ending the night with Million Dollar Listing: New York and Sundaes and Cones ice cream. Which is exactly what I did today and I’m still freshly washed and ready for bed before midnight. Win-win!

I’m learning to love work and I’m a lot less fried these days. Which means more octopus/fish tacos and planning happy adventures. What am I coveting right now? Current July weekend getaway in the Hamptons, upstate NY b&b stays in the fall, and birthday weekend in Miami? Let me first pay off my bills – fingers crossed end of May I’ll be credit card debt free and then I’ll start packin’!

xo Angel


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