Health Kick

It’s that time of the year when the weather consistently stays above 50 when I shy away from cooking pastas and rices, drooling over my Seamless past pizza orders and need something sweet and starchy to satisfy my cravings. Nowadays, all I’m craving are iced almond lattes, green juice (I’m not even shitting you, I LOVE the juice) and veggie sammies….ok ok, and the occasional chocolate chip cookie still. I’m human and a girl, and when it’s shark week, I NEED to satisfy those cravings. But for the most part, my food is fresh and bright and hence, so is my mood.

Veggie sandwich from Siggy’s on Elizabeth St. between Houston and Bleecker in Noho – the very best lunch sandwich + super filling. This is coming from an avid meat lover who cannot eat anything between two pieces of bread unless there is bacon or chicken at a minimum, so you know this has to be good if it satisfes moi too.

One of many to come – all of the greens with a splash of lemon, ginger and apple. Fave.

First watermelon of the season!

My favorite neighborhood coffeeshop/artisan goods/everything is amazing shop, Depanneur.

Ok ok, obviously green juice is great and all but it doesn’t run through my veins like coffee does….Extra early mornings because of Angus calls for some sugar + caffeine. Blueberry muffin and almond latte? I consider that a necessity if I get to spend some quality time with my boys. I can always grab that salad post afternoon yoga later…if I make it in time that is. Baby steps, baby steps.

Happy Wednesday!

xo Angel


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