Favorites of the Week

Mornings with A Squared. The biggest change that has happened is that Alex and I use our time more efficiently in the morning. We snuggle for a bit, put our sweats on and take Angus for a walk around the neighborhood (he has started walking amazingly on a leash – yay!). In the past, we would just pull out our laptops and sit next to each other on the couch doing our own thing. Now, we actually spend time together being present and enjoying every bit of it.

Little Things that keep me going – Almond lattes + muffins. I love having time in the morning to peruse tumblr, write posts + just plan out my day or make lists. I usually do this after the family’s morning walk. I love having enough time to get ready without rushing before work and it really just sets a positiveĀ tone for the day.

I’m not a go-all-night type of girl but I do like to socialize. This week, I went to dinner with some childhood friends of mine and it was so great reconnecting over BBQ and smores. It’s nice knowing no matter how much you grow up and change, you will always have a core group of friends who have known you and know the real you and will always be there.

A also took time to get lunch with me today in this horribly cold NYC weather and there’s nothing like breaking up your day with a bowl of steaming hot pork broth, a bowl of noodles the size of your face and enjoying it with your love.

I’m so grateful for my amazingly satisfying jobs, great best friends and family, finding and always chasing that happiness alongside a little pup that fits right into my arms.

xo Angel


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