First “Spring” Weekend

Though it’s been spring “technically” for a few weeks now, it hasn’t felt like it. The temperatures still have been low, the wind speed high and most residents haven’t put away their winter coats entirely, for fear that the one 60 degree day during the week was just a sham.

This weekend, the weather has been gloriously springy, allergy sneezes and all. Since A and I moved in together last July, we just haven’t had the chance or energy to throw a housewarming. I hate cleaning up big messes and A can’t be bothered with taking care of a big crowd. However, when we saw that this was my first weekend off for a little while, we jumped at the chance to throw an extremely belated potluck/BBQ to welcome our closest friends into our home to meet Angus and to enjoy a sunny day with us.

In the past, when I’ve been to potlucks, it’s been really hard to get attendees to bring an actual contribution. Not that there’s anything against that, but we are at that age in our early 20s where a meal sometimes still consists of a bag of Hot Cheetos and a 6-pack. This time, we successfully got all our friends to bring a little something and whipped up a lovely and quite impressive spread. Nothing makes me happier than cooking, hanging out with my favorites and sunshine.

Highlights of Saturday below:

The weather carried on into Sunday and A and I spent the day cleaning (very therapeutic to me), enjoying morning walks with Angus, the best soy lattes + morning moroccan mint teas and leftover BBQ lunches (nothing better than second day BBQ than maybe cold pizza). I’m looking forward to ending the day with homemade bolognese after a sweaty vinyasa yoga session for me, and football (cause he’s British) for A respectively. There’s nothing like an invigorating weekend to welcome a new week. xo


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