Lavender Spring

In my 23 years of living my hair and I have struggled to find common ground.  I’ve never really been happy with its natural tendencies – which is to be more than wavy but less than curly with lots of frizz – and so I’ve always fought it one way or the other with heat or product.  I’d go through phases where I would feel bad about my constant need to blow, iron, smooth, spray, and battle my hair that I would decide for years at a time to do my best to baby it.  I would quit the heat, cut off the dead ends, not brush it while wet, dry it with a t-shirt not a towel, use sulfate free products.  Even after such dedication, I would often be unable to recognize any improvement.

My natural hair decided to celebrate our last day together by behaving.

My natural hair decided to celebrate our last day together by behaving.

Eventually I accepted defeat and the fact that I would never have the thick, healthy looking hair that I desperately wanted.   It was not in the cards for me to be able to walk out of the shower and air dry my way to enviable locks.  My hair was not going to be my stand out feature – but give me 45 minutes, a blow dryer, and a flat iron, and I could make it at least presentable.  My hair would be the wallflower of my look, it wouldn’t stand out because it was fabulous, but it also wouldn’t stand out because it was hideous either.  It just was.

Until I decided – fuck that.  I can have dope hair if I want.

So I dyed my hair lavender.


As I approach my mid twenties, I’ve realized I’m running out of time to do crazy things with my appearance and have it be somewhat acceptable. Now is that time! So I went for it.  Since going from brunette to a pastel color requires bleach, I decided for my initial change I would visit a professional.  I found an amazing salon the the West Village, Seagull Salon, that specializes in out-there colors, and booked an appointment with their stylist Sarah.  She was incredible and took such good care of my hair (I was so worried about bleaching it because I have had BAD experiences in the past at top NYC salons trying during my ombre phase).  Even though we bleached my whole head, I feel like my hair is healthier than it was before.



Now I’m loving my new look.  I finally feel excited about my hair, which is such a new experience for me.  I feel confident and more like “myself” than I did with my natural brown color.


Xx Greta


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