Holy Grail: Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

This may sound hyperbolic, but having oily hair made me a complete prisoner to my shower, blow dryer, and morning routine. I was always envious of women who could go three, four, even five days without washing their hair – meanwhile I was stuck shampooing every other day, if not daily.  I would plan my life around my hair – making sure I had enough time for the 45 minute blow dry and straightening job that was necessary to get out the door.

Some days I just wanted to roll out of bed and be out the door in 30 min – not an hour and a half.

Many thanks to Drybar’s Detox dry shampoo, I’ve been able to join the club and be a little more liberal with the snooze button.  It is my new holy grail.


Now trust me, I am no stranger to dry shampoo.  I’ve tried Tresemme Fresh Start, Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder, and countless of other sample size offerings I’ve collected over the years.  None of them made a difference, so eventually I gave up on the idea – as ingenious as it was and as much as my friends swore by it.

Detox entered my life when a well-meaning but someone pushy Sephora employee coaxed me into buying a travel size to accompany the blow dryer I was there for.  I have trouble saying no to sales people (I end up feeling irrationally guilty), so I figured – eh – give it one last shot.  

And it WORKED.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so first, let me show you the results.

This is me before on day 1 hair (this is evening, I had washed my hair that morning.  Pardon the costume, it was Halloween):

Stringy, greasy, yuck, no.

This is me on day 5 hair (FIVE!!!) with the dry shampoo.   


What oil? What grease? It looks ~almost~ like a day 1 blow out.

To be fair, this experiment does not have a proper control as the test subject.  I bleached my hair, which from my understanding is known for decreasing oil production.  

I accept this as a variable, but the results of the dry shampoo are impossible to ignore. 

The shampoo comes in an aerosol can – which right away is a plus.  I much prefer that over the Bumble and Bumble style shaker.  It distributes the product more evenly.  The spray itself comes out thick and uniformed.  Unlike Tresemme’s Fresh Start, which had a very narrow spray and too fine of a mist, Detox coats your hair in product in a few short bursts, allowing you to cover a large section of hair in seconds.  

When I massage the product into my hair, it immediately feels silky, not like there is a ton of product build up.  I can run my fingers through it my hair, and the visible residue absorbs within minutes without any traces of dandruff-like powder.  My hair looks fluffy and fresh, and smells amazing. 

The best part is, if I spray the shampoo on day two hair, it continues to do its job absorbing oil on day three, four, and five with little to no need for reapplication.  I feel like I’m finally doing my hair a favor and giving it a much needed break from constant heat and shampoo.
The product comes in two colors, blonde, which I bought for my quickly fading purple hair, and brunette, which I would have purchased for my natural color.

So, cheers to Drybar for their miracle product that has cut my mourning routine in half.  

Xx Greta


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