Weekend Updates: Mother’s Day Edition

I’m apologizing in advance for the massive amounts of photos I took this week – it was quite an eventful few days in many different ways and I have been trying hard to take little snaps of my daily life. I find it so interesting to go back in my iPhone Photo Album every once in a while and remember not just the large events, but also the little things I have been up to.

Work-wise, I’m flourishing and feeling like a natural. I love the people I work with, I love the hours and I got to meet many great people. It’s gotten me super comfortable, talking to strangers and I can keep a mean poker face and make anyone feel good about themselves, which in return, makes me ecstatic!

How cute is this little boutique, Dear Rivington +? I work in the same neighborhood as this little shop and though I can’t afford it now, I dream of the day I can go in and drop $1200 on a Comme de Garçons jacket.

Health and fitness wise, I feel balanced. Though I’m working out less intensely and only about three to four times a week, I feel much healthier and happier. I eat 80/20, I juice at least every other day (carrot-orange-ginger is literally the best thing ever) and I also inhale carbs.  

Fresh baguette from Depanneur.

Carrot / orange / ginger / cinnamon / tumeric elixir

Roasted beets / goat cheese / walnuts / arugula. Not pictured were my two slices of homemade GF espresso chocolate cake.

Friday night Mexican celebrations with A for both our work accomplishments thus far.

Epic Chinese meal that I was able to put together last week. Next challenge is definitely going to be something pork belly related. Nom nom nom.

As we all know, socially I tend to be a homebody. I’d rather have friends over a homecooked meal and make drinks ourselves than go out every night till the break of dawn. However, this weekend was one of my best friend, Lucia’s birthday (pictured, middle). I’ve known this girl since we were paired as dorm mates in freshmen year and though we’re not suitable as roommates, we’re great as best friends. We’ve traveled Europe together and met each other’s families so we’re pretty much almost dating…I kid, I kid. Anyways, it was so great just to see my best friends and plan weekend trips and future happy hours together!

My mother is flying out to China today (Mother’s Day) so we decided to spend Saturday night together. It was a low-key night of Legally Blonde, grilled salmon, Chinese food and lots of love for Angus of course.

Beautiful tulips from McCarren Market, last weekend they’re available apparently!

Mom and Angus bonding.

My sister Stephanie, Angus and I

God this face…

Video games with A.

Watching Feast with Angus. This is literally his short film.

Angus sitting patiently for A to get his haircut. 

I worked this Sunday so I just decided to see G for dinner to get some girl time in. We went to Fette Sau, ironically a very masculine BBQ joint for two quite girly girls.Obviously we ordered pretty much the entire menu and stuffed our faces, washing it down with light ale, cider for moi since I’m a prissy little bitch who can’t handle her beer.

Cheers to welcoming another week of good fortune and sunshine. PS. Check out our new layout, it’s pretty sweet 😉

xo Angel


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