About Us


Greta Hayes and Angel Xu are two young music industry professionals trying to be moguls and proving misogynist co-workers and industry people alike that women do run the world.

Greta currently works as a music publicist in Brooklyn and in her rare and valuable free time, likes to focus on de-stressing by being outdoors, laughing, doing yoga, and taking really long bubble baths.  She is working towards her goal of “being an adult” aka grocery shopping on a regular bases and doing laundry on time.

Angel currently works as an artist manager and in high-fashion contemporary sales. In the meantime,  she loves her morning tea with lots of milk and sugar and dreams of adopting a baby English Bulldog named Butters. A slight anglophile with a love for Sam Smith, dreaming of her future mews home in London, and loving her British-born BF who deals with it all!

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Follow Angel on Instagram/Twitter: @angelshoe

Follow Greta on Instagram/Twitter: @missgretaaa


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