Hello May


I’m jumping the gun and saying hello to May a few hours early.

At the end of every month, I always think that that this particular month went by faster than the previous. However, April REALLY went fast, as I hit many changes in my life within the last 30 days. I got my job – though it wasn’t my “dream” job on paper, it slowly has morphed into a dream. I work with different clients all day, I am allowed to be creative and there is the entrepreneurship aspect that pushes me out of my comfort zone that is cushioned by the fact that I work for an established brand, something I’ve also wanted for a while. Personal life wise, my family of two also turned into a trio when we adopted our frenchie Angus a week ago – which was the best decision even if it didn’t seem financially right at the time (post to come later).

I predict that May will welcome more financial stability and social happiness and I’m super excited to see how I will grow and take on this month!

April Goals Revisited:

  1. GET THAT JOB. So self explanatory and yet, so needed. I have a good feeling that this month will treat me well. Positive vibes all around.

Yaaaaaas got the job and I’m soooo happy!

2.Take time to relax on the weekend away from my computer screen. Go out on adventures.

My new job allows me to enjoy conversing with clients, being creative and requires about an hour of computer time a day! I love not being glued to a digital screen – my migraines have gone down, which I have always suspected were linked to my large use  of electronics and I feel more fit just being on my feet all day.

3. Read five books.

Massive fail, but I do have an excuse! My leisure time has gone down due to work and when I have time off, I’d rather spend it reading short articles, magazines or hanging out with my family. I have been trying to read more on my commute to work rather than staring blankly at other travelers on the subway.

4.Blog every day (ok or every other day if we’re being honest, but hey, at least I’m being honest!)

Better! I suspect we’re blogging about 2-4 times a week, which is a lot more consistent than before. Still a goal!

5.Start planning summer trip + weekend rendezvous for April! Perhaps a weekend in upstate to go hiking and prance around a small cute town pretending I have a farm, a cow named Hattie and a British butler named Andrew who helps me pick daises all day.

Soooo…..this is where getting Angus comes into play. Since Angus is a pure-bred dog that we bought from a pet store, he was an investment. Definitely the best investment we made since our love for him is massive, but this means we financially consider all of our other purchases. If I am able to pay off the majority of my credit card bills and my split of Angus by June/July, I’ll consider planning a birthday weekend trip away (Miami anyone?!). If that’s not possible, I’d still love to plan a few staycations and upstate adventures this summer!

May Goals:

  1. Green Thumb – Every year, I imagine my windowsill filled with flourishing herbs and different assortments of cacti and fresh flowers. Most of the time, my basil plants will shrivel up within a week and die. I am very determined to keep my herbs alive for the summer and I’d like to have an assortment of at least 3 herbs and maybe fresh flowers once every week or so to keep our apartment fresh.
  2. Home Decor – A and I moved to Williamsburg last July so we’re nearing the one year mark on our apartment. Due to convenience and my hatred of packing up my things to move, we’ll stay here for one more year before the rent increases become astronomical. To keep myself from feeling fidgeting and too complacent in one place, I’d like to continue decorating and refining our apartment. I’d love to buy a few more pieces of art to frame, pots and vases for plants and if finances are good, perhaps a bar cart, bed frame or even a rustic bookshelf.
  3. Debt Management – My goals at graduation last year were to be financially stable by a year’s time. It’ll be a year’s time in May and I can say that I’ve been cut off for about a month now. It’s been terrifying, but also so liberating to be in charge of my own finances. My goals are to pay of all of my credit card debt from living on it between jobs as well as beginning to save some money. I’d like to be able to save up to 3 months worth of living expenses by fall.
  4. Juice More – Self-explanatory. All my co-workers are huge health-nuts which is awesome because it pushes me to take better care of myself. I’d like to dust off my juicer and start making fresh juices 2-3 times a week because it helps me glow and energizes me. I believe in the power of juice to supplement a healthy diet.
  5. Family – Because I work weekends, it’s quite difficult for me to schedule time to see my family in NJ. I’d like to see them at least once or twice this month, especially before my mama goes to China for two weeks.

xo Angel


Lavender Spring

In my 23 years of living my hair and I have struggled to find common ground.  I’ve never really been happy with its natural tendencies – which is to be more than wavy but less than curly with lots of frizz – and so I’ve always fought it one way or the other with heat or product.  I’d go through phases where I would feel bad about my constant need to blow, iron, smooth, spray, and battle my hair that I would decide for years at a time to do my best to baby it.  I would quit the heat, cut off the dead ends, not brush it while wet, dry it with a t-shirt not a towel, use sulfate free products.  Even after such dedication, I would often be unable to recognize any improvement.

My natural hair decided to celebrate our last day together by behaving.

My natural hair decided to celebrate our last day together by behaving.

Eventually I accepted defeat and the fact that I would never have the thick, healthy looking hair that I desperately wanted.   It was not in the cards for me to be able to walk out of the shower and air dry my way to enviable locks.  My hair was not going to be my stand out feature – but give me 45 minutes, a blow dryer, and a flat iron, and I could make it at least presentable.  My hair would be the wallflower of my look, it wouldn’t stand out because it was fabulous, but it also wouldn’t stand out because it was hideous either.  It just was.

Until I decided – fuck that.  I can have dope hair if I want.

So I dyed my hair lavender.


As I approach my mid twenties, I’ve realized I’m running out of time to do crazy things with my appearance and have it be somewhat acceptable. Now is that time! So I went for it.  Since going from brunette to a pastel color requires bleach, I decided for my initial change I would visit a professional.  I found an amazing salon the the West Village, Seagull Salon, that specializes in out-there colors, and booked an appointment with their stylist Sarah.  She was incredible and took such good care of my hair (I was so worried about bleaching it because I have had BAD experiences in the past at top NYC salons trying during my ombre phase).  Even though we bleached my whole head, I feel like my hair is healthier than it was before.



Now I’m loving my new look.  I finally feel excited about my hair, which is such a new experience for me.  I feel confident and more like “myself” than I did with my natural brown color.


Xx Greta

First “Spring” Weekend

Though it’s been spring “technically” for a few weeks now, it hasn’t felt like it. The temperatures still have been low, the wind speed high and most residents haven’t put away their winter coats entirely, for fear that the one 60 degree day during the week was just a sham.

This weekend, the weather has been gloriously springy, allergy sneezes and all. Since A and I moved in together last July, we just haven’t had the chance or energy to throw a housewarming. I hate cleaning up big messes and A can’t be bothered with taking care of a big crowd. However, when we saw that this was my first weekend off for a little while, we jumped at the chance to throw an extremely belated potluck/BBQ to welcome our closest friends into our home to meet Angus and to enjoy a sunny day with us.

In the past, when I’ve been to potlucks, it’s been really hard to get attendees to bring an actual contribution. Not that there’s anything against that, but we are at that age in our early 20s where a meal sometimes still consists of a bag of Hot Cheetos and a 6-pack. This time, we successfully got all our friends to bring a little something and whipped up a lovely and quite impressive spread. Nothing makes me happier than cooking, hanging out with my favorites and sunshine.

Highlights of Saturday below:

The weather carried on into Sunday and A and I spent the day cleaning (very therapeutic to me), enjoying morning walks with Angus, the best soy lattes + morning moroccan mint teas and leftover BBQ lunches (nothing better than second day BBQ than maybe cold pizza). I’m looking forward to ending the day with homemade bolognese after a sweaty vinyasa yoga session for me, and football (cause he’s British) for A respectively. There’s nothing like an invigorating weekend to welcome a new week. xo

Favorites of the Week

Mornings with A Squared. The biggest change that has happened is that Alex and I use our time more efficiently in the morning. We snuggle for a bit, put our sweats on and take Angus for a walk around the neighborhood (he has started walking amazingly on a leash – yay!). In the past, we would just pull out our laptops and sit next to each other on the couch doing our own thing. Now, we actually spend time together being present and enjoying every bit of it.

Little Things that keep me going – Almond lattes + muffins. I love having time in the morning to peruse tumblr, write posts + just plan out my day or make lists. I usually do this after the family’s morning walk. I love having enough time to get ready without rushing before work and it really just sets a positive tone for the day.

I’m not a go-all-night type of girl but I do like to socialize. This week, I went to dinner with some childhood friends of mine and it was so great reconnecting over BBQ and smores. It’s nice knowing no matter how much you grow up and change, you will always have a core group of friends who have known you and know the real you and will always be there.

A also took time to get lunch with me today in this horribly cold NYC weather and there’s nothing like breaking up your day with a bowl of steaming hot pork broth, a bowl of noodles the size of your face and enjoying it with your love.

I’m so grateful for my amazingly satisfying jobs, great best friends and family, finding and always chasing that happiness alongside a little pup that fits right into my arms.

xo Angel

Health Kick

It’s that time of the year when the weather consistently stays above 50 when I shy away from cooking pastas and rices, drooling over my Seamless past pizza orders and need something sweet and starchy to satisfy my cravings. Nowadays, all I’m craving are iced almond lattes, green juice (I’m not even shitting you, I LOVE the juice) and veggie sammies….ok ok, and the occasional chocolate chip cookie still. I’m human and a girl, and when it’s shark week, I NEED to satisfy those cravings. But for the most part, my food is fresh and bright and hence, so is my mood.

Veggie sandwich from Siggy’s on Elizabeth St. between Houston and Bleecker in Noho – the very best lunch sandwich + super filling. This is coming from an avid meat lover who cannot eat anything between two pieces of bread unless there is bacon or chicken at a minimum, so you know this has to be good if it satisfes moi too.

One of many to come – all of the greens with a splash of lemon, ginger and apple. Fave.

First watermelon of the season!

My favorite neighborhood coffeeshop/artisan goods/everything is amazing shop, Depanneur.

Ok ok, obviously green juice is great and all but it doesn’t run through my veins like coffee does….Extra early mornings because of Angus calls for some sugar + caffeine. Blueberry muffin and almond latte? I consider that a necessity if I get to spend some quality time with my boys. I can always grab that salad post afternoon yoga later…if I make it in time that is. Baby steps, baby steps.

Happy Wednesday!

xo Angel

Meet Angus

If you know me, you know I live for the fat, googly-eyed and wrinkly…in dog form. Give me any bulldog or pug and I will smother him/her in kisses and cuddles until that dog wants to writhe out of my arms. I follow all of the bulldog instagram accounts, read through Buzzfeed pug lists and will occasionally fall into watching marathons of pet videos on Youtube.

A and I have been wanting a puppy for a long time now, but nothing ever worked out. We sent in multiple adoption forms, visited rescues and pet shops for months and nothing ever “felt right”. This weekend, I was out with friends, burning time before dinner and I decided to google pet shops and found this little guy in West Village. My fault, as usual. I couldn’t get him out of my head or bear to think of this pup growing up in another family…so we pulled the trigger!

Hello Angus, welcome to our family! He is a beautiful 10-month year old french bulldog (though I do suspect he has some Boston Terrier in him – will come back with updates from the vet soon) and full of life, sweet tenderness and derpiness.

The first 24 hours, he was super nervous and wandered the apartment, sleeping in bursts through the night on our couch (thanks to A who kept waking up in bits and massaging him back to sleep). We gave him lots of water and toys, and now he is getting more comfortable laying around and playing with us. Angus also came with some perks including crate, wee-wee pad training in tow and the ability to entertain himself for hours (aka running around in circles for 10 minutes followed by a 3 hour nap like a good frenchie needs). We do have our work cut out for us, as he is still a puppy and needs to be leash trained (has never been walked before) and will need to know the basic commands (i.e. sit, stay, come here, responding to his name). A and I are more than excited to make him into the perfect french gentleman!

PS. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, do realize that they will probably turn into your early bird alarm clock. Sunday wake up call was 6 AM, which would be super brutal if Angus wasn’t so damn cute and today was 7 AM, which is great for work wake-up calls…I guess?

Happy Monday everyone!

xo Angel + Angus

Midweek Pick Me Up

What I love about New York is the endless amounts of restaurants to eat at, happy hours to attend, movies to see and places to be. I used to save these outings for the weekend because I was too grumpy, tired and annoyed to do anything after work. Now that I’m happier and in a great place, I go out more during the week and mentally I’m 1000%.

We’re not talking going out and getting smashed until 2 AM, but more like going out for margaritas and tacos at Hecho en Dumbo and ending the night with Million Dollar Listing: New York and Sundaes and Cones ice cream. Which is exactly what I did today and I’m still freshly washed and ready for bed before midnight. Win-win!

I’m learning to love work and I’m a lot less fried these days. Which means more octopus/fish tacos and planning happy adventures. What am I coveting right now? Current July weekend getaway in the Hamptons, upstate NY b&b stays in the fall, and birthday weekend in Miami? Let me first pay off my bills – fingers crossed end of May I’ll be credit card debt free and then I’ll start packin’!

xo Angel